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Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Wishlist

The holiday season is officially here! Because I am so ridiculously popular, tons of people have been asking me what I want for Christmas. I'll save those of you who actually check my blog the pain of asking me. So, here they are. I've narrowed it down to three things:

This really is no secret. I have wanted a bloodhound ever since I watched The Fox and the Hound. Copper is just so darn cute when he trips over his own ears and howls that little howl of his. I'm also kind of frustrated with the dating scene, and keep thinking that a constant companion, such as a dog, would bring me more comfort than any old boy (no offense to all those boys that read my blog).
I decided that I'm not green enough! These shoes are made out of 113% biodegradable material. Shoes that you can put a penny in...advertise your enviornmental beliefs....and throw out your car window without worrying about littering...could one ask for more? I submit that one could not!
Now...last but definitely not least. I really, really, REALLY want a beard hat. I am so pro-facial hair that I'm considering starting a website that promotes beards. Unfortunately I don't have enough testosterone in my system to grow one myself. Well, that problem can be solves with the "Handy Dandy Beard Hat." It not only keeps your face warm, but it also accentuates your eyes. Color choices include: mustard yellow (as pictured above), sea green, magenta and cornflower (blue)
I did try to pick things that aren't too expensive. I will also accept cash or credit donations. To donate please call me at (555)-555-1212 or send your donations to 1234 Mystery Lane, Lewisville UT 90210.
Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Family Pictures

As many of you know, I have awesome roommates! We spend so much time together, we laugh probably a little too much and we don't fight over the dishes. It's amazing how wonderful life can be when you're surrounded by good friends. Because we're all away from home, we have turned to one another and have become like sisters, which is why we decided it appropriate to take some family pictures. All of the following are now hung by the fireplace with care. I can't wait to hang stockings underneath them when it gets a little closer to Christmas!

Naturally I cropped this one, so it looks better on our wall...but you get the picture (no pun intended).

This is Marinda...I love her. She is always the one person that sees me do something stupid. I love it, because it gives me someone to laugh with. You know when you trip and no one sees, so you laugh at yourself and everyone thinks you're wierd? Yeah that doesn't happen to me anymore because Marinda always sees. :)

Yours Truly

This is Kandalee. She is a work-aholic and we don't see much of her around the apartment, but she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

This is my actual "room" mate Liz. Days with her are filled with laughter, skinny jeans, and an alarm that goes off every 5 minutes.

This is Tasha, the peacemaker in our apartment. If ever our conversation leads in the direction of gossip or mean things, she turns it 180 degrees into a conversation about happy things like ice cream and unicorns.
Kiley is a beautiful girl that is such a hard worker. She's also very clean and sometimes I feel like she does too much for our apartment. She is strong and knows exactly what she wants from life. I have such a great respect for her.

Sarah Jane, our adopted roommate. This girl is an amazing artist with a fabulous personality. She meets me in "The Hub" (a.k.a the foodcourt) every Tuesday and Thursday for lunch. We usually share pizza and breadsticks. Mmmm! So good!

I am so unbelieveably lucky to have the roomates that I have! They are my best friends and I love the fact that I am excited to come home to see them every day.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Our student stake had a Luau for family home evening. They were awarding 12 tickets to the nicest steak house in town and 12 tickets to a corn maze to the apartment that was best dressed. I was thinking yesterday about what I would wear and it hit me! I was inspired to be a......

That's right....I chose to go as a pig to a luau! Apple in the mouth and all. I bought the sweats today and found it to be a win/win situation. I got to dress up as a pig, and I got some wicked sweet pink sweats.
You see Liz to the left going as a surf board. Kiley next to her as a Hula girl. Myself as a pig (yes that is a red curly tail on my behind), and Sarah was a Tiki Man. Seems like a champion team, right?!
Sarah had absolutely no peripheral vision with this mask on, and it was awesome because I could make fun of her when I was standing by her side and she had no idea. I didn't really have any reason to mock her either, I was the one in the pig suit.

Sadly enough, we didn't even get an honorable mention in the costume competition. The three groups that took 1st through 3rd consisted of people on a cruise ship, men in banana suits, and girls in full out scuba attire (minus the air tanks). Their costumes were awesome, but I was just so proud of my witty idea that I felt gypped. On the drive home I was wallowing in my sadness and exclaimed "I'm going to wear this to school tomorrow just to spite them! I'm sure I'd get at least one date out of it." Right then, I realized how awkward I looked while driving my car and my roommates thought the same. But come on! Who couldn't resist this?

The process of finding our costumes was fun and it was a great excuse to hang out with my roomies that I love so much! At the party supply store we saw these awesome glasses and had to take a picture. I am having so much fun here in Logan! I love all the people (minus the judges at the Luau) and am really feeling good about where I am in life.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Foot and Life Update

I'm sure that all of you have been concerned about my poor little foot and here's the update on it. It's still ridiculously purple all over, but I can walk at a brisk pace now and can get to all of my classes without any problems. I've been trying to wear pants that don't draw attention to my boot, but all my bell-bottom jeans are dirty now, and today I wore my skinny jeans. It looks pretty funny with this gigantic boot over top my skinny jeans on my left leg, and a cute little sparkly flip flop on my right foot. Here's a picture of it.

This is my foot all purple-y. It's bruised on the sides and on the bottom. I didn't even know that a foot could look like this. It has been pretty fun trying to coordinate my clothes with the shades of purple and blue on my foot. I noticed that I sure have a lot of gray stuff.

I also went home last weekend for Labor Day. I wasn't planning on going home quite so soon, but Steven was in town and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to hang out with him. While I was home I spent a lot of time with Suzanne Wood too. She's leaving on her mission in less than a month, and time with her is precious as well.

Suzanne makes some of the best cookies I have ever had. This woman is like a modern day Betty Crocker!

Possibly the last cookie we'll share before she leaves. That's ok though, we'll have plenty more to eat once she gets home.

Mom has taken up knitting. She's making beanies for babies and I think it's so great that she's doing just another thing to make the world a better place. She's such a great woman!

Here's one of the beanies that she made, it's quite colorful, and selfish little me requested one for the upcoming winter season.

Steven played Ultimate Frisbee (what's new?) and ended up hurting his shoulder. He wore this hot pad for a few hours, then very lasciviously ripped it off and tied it around his head. Is there any wonder why I love him so much?

I kinda love this guy!!! He's the best brother I could ever ask for(don't worry Barrett and Alec, you two are the best Brothers-In-Law I could ask for!).

So, I'm doing really well. My foot gets sore after walking around campus all day, but because I haven't started work yet, I've had a lot of time to rest it. I had so much fun in Cedar City over the weekend, and I'm so thankful I could have spent so much time with my family. They're pretty great!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Time...In Tumbling Class...

So, here it was. The third day of school. I'd spent my day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. walking to classes, taking notes, singing arpeggios and scarfing down a PB'nJ. I decided to work out at the campus gym for the first time. You know, to scope out the guys checking themselves out in the mirror, while lifting weights. I came home, ate a wonderful dinner (homemade BBQ chicken pizza made by my very own roommate Tasha), and did some dishes. Earlier, in my ceramics class, a girl told me about a free Adult Tumbling class being offered that night. I thought "I've always wanted to know how to do a back handspring." So Liz (my roommate) and I ventured off towards the Hyper Building.

Things were going great. The coaches were cute, my form was decent (or so they said) and I was going to achieve one of my life goals. With some spotting, I was able to accomplish a fairly decent back handspring. After everyone in my group did one, he asks us "What would you like to learn next." I'm thinking "How bout we learn how to do one without spotting? I'm not ready to learn anything else." "How bout backtucks?" He asks, with little to no enthusiasm. He demonstrates and the one boy in my group goes crazy and starts gabbing about how he's always wanted to do one. I watched a couple more demonstrations and thought, looks easy enough. I tried one, and landed roughly on the spring floor. I had done one! Horay! I backed away and let others in the group try.

As I sat there observing, another thought came to mind, "Hmmm...I haven't had a good injury in about two years now. Maybe I should finally bill those stinking insurance companies and get my parent's moneys worth. I'm sure the E.R. is looking for patients tonight." I step up to the instructor (who, by the way, looked like he just recently had his wisdom teeth removed), and asked what would help my form on my back tuck. "Once you jump up, grab onto your knees." Sounds simple enough. One...two...three...jump...flip...POP...SIGH..."Are you ok?"

To make a long story short, I hobbled home, called my Mom and asked if it would be cheaper to go to the Urgent Care or the E.R. My awesome roommate Liz accompanied me to the Logan Hospital and we spent a good hour and half giggling and taking pictures. I didn't break my foot, but the doctors think I tore some ligaments. Wahoo! I will be going to the Podiatrist soon to find out exactly what's wrong with my foot, but for now I have a splint and crutches. My roommates have all been so helpful, and it's be really good for me to humble myself and let others help me.

Here I am in my wheelchair getting my hospital wristband put on.
My swollen foot and the bag of ice that I got with no help from the Tumbling Instructors.
No words.....
My fabulous roommate Liz. Oh how I love her.
Woe is me!
Yep, that's the foot.
It's a sad day in the neighborhood, despite what Mr. Rogers thinks.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm In Logan!

The birds are singing, the temperature is cooling, there are people everywhere, school has officially begun! I moved to Logan five days ago, and guess what. I love it! It's absolutely gorgeous up here! You can drive 10 minutes in any direction and be in real-live, genuine farm land; cows, manure, fields of wheat, barns, horses, the works. The actual city of Logan has some pretty beautiful houses. Pretty much it's my dream town, filled with vintage, brick houses and fields for miles. I think I could live here the rest of my life. I guess I should give it some time huh!
Anyway, here are some pictures of the place that I live now. It's called Kampus Korner. Isn't that so cute how they use two k's instead of c's? Oh wait...we're in college not 2nd grade. It makes for a wonderful joke though. "I'm Katie from Kampus Korner, spelled with two K's. Isn't that Krazy with a capital K?" Te he he! I think the older I get the more and more lame my jokes get. That's ok. Maybe someday I can be one of those cute and annoying old people that always makes bad jokes, but because I'm so cute everyone will laugh at them.

This is the hill I have to climb to get to campus. It doesn't look too intense from here, but I will eventually put a picture on that gives you a better idea of the torturous treck to campus.
Here's my building. Hopefully, no one will stock me now that they know what my apartment building looks like.
This is an awesome tree that's just outside of our front door. It's the best thing to climb in and we plan on taking a family picture (the roomies that is) in it.
K.K. 10 That's my place.

This is my cute little room. You are actually seeing more than half of the room in this picture...and I share it with another girl. I shouldn't complain though. My mom had to share one room with 15 siblings...well probably not that many, but somewhere around there.

Anywho, this is my new home, for the next 3 years at least. I think I will be really happy up here. If any of you want some awesome cheese, please just give me a call. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun with the British

Oh my holy fudge! I know it's been too long! I have many excuses, and all are legitimate, but I won't lay them on you. One of them was that nothing too exciting has been going on, until lately.

My friend Dani just returned from living in England and visited Cedar. She called me one day and asked if I would like to hang out with some of her English friends that she met overseas. Naturally I agreed, and came to find out I already knew these gentlemen as well.
Well...a night that began with a friendly hike evolved into a crazy game night that included ice cream, tongues (I won't go into detail with this one), bum wars, portraits drawn by other people, sniffing necks, cereal boxes, and dryers. Needless to say, it was one of the craziest and funnest nights I have had in a very long time.
Now that I've got you intrigued, here are some pictures from the Game Marathon.

Here's a sunset from the top the mountain that we hiked. The sunset was beautiful! Unfortunately it was so beautiful because of the smoke from the fires in California.

The circle of life.

'Nuff Said....

Here's the whole group that went hiking. The two boys in the striped shirts are the ones from England. They're pretty cool and they have sweet accents.

Kevin Kofford (one of the ones from England) bought these Luchador masks in Mexico. We had some pretty intense bum wars with these bad boys on.

This is a game entitled "Self-Portrait." You write your name on a piece of paper, and pass it to your left (obviously a group of people is sitting in a circle). The person you passed the paper to draws the outline of your head, then passes the paper to their left. That person now draws your eyes and passes it and so on. At the end you get a beautiful (or not so beautiful) picture of yourself.

We then played a game called "Do" where everyone writes down five different things to do on five different pieces of paper. You put the strips of paper into a bowl and pass it. You draw a paper and have to do what it written on it. On this one, Tyler had to sniff my neck. It was a little awkward, especially since I smelled funny from the hike. Also, we're holding hands because I drew one that said "Hold hands with the person sitting to your left for 15 minutes."

Then I had to lick Tyler's knee (yes we became close friends during this game). Notice how I'm clenching his leg for fear that he will kick me again (he kicked me in the head on my first attempt).

Someone drew a paper that said "Try to fit yourself into the dryer." Dani, Kevin and I became extremely intrigued and tried it ourselves. Here's Dani's attempt.

Here's Kevin's attempt. As you can see, he needed a little help from Dani.

Because I'm super competitive, I had to get in the furthest and, as you can see, I did. Next time, I will do my best to actually get my head in, but I was a little focused on the the little wing inside the dryer that was uncomfortably nestled in my butt crack.
Here are some Bum War videos. It was pretty intense, as you will see.

I tried some different tactics, but I think I just need to work out more, then maybe I would be able to beat people that aren't only under the age of 5.

Because I'm so behind on my blog, I will probably be updating it quite a few times this next week. So, if you're bored and you want to see how crazy I can truly get, just check my blog. I love you all!