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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hello Seattle

Steven was a trooper and joined me on my adventures to Seattle and Idaho. We drove over 2000 miles but it was a blast, at least for me. We visited Audrey for almost a week and we got to see some new things, including her new baby. I'll post the pictures from Idaho in a couple of days, I don't want to overwhelm all of you with jealousy. :) It was so good to see Audrey, Barrett, Daven and new little Afton. She's a beautiful baby with TONS of hair! Thanks again Audrey and Barrett for letting us crash your apartment!


On our way to Seattle, Steve and I stopped in Twin Falls to have some dinner. We crossed this huge bridge and at the bottom of this gorge there was the most beautiful golf course. It was sweet!
I seriously could not get enough of Afton's hair. I love it!
In my personal opinion, Pike's Market is a must see if you're visiting Seattle. There are tons of fruit stands, honey stands, fish stands, flower shops and any other shop you could possibly imagine. There are people singing on the street and hippies everywhere. It's great!
LINCOLN PARK (no not the band)
This is the "Sandcastle Beemine" as Daven named it. We took the only patch of sand we could find on the beach and built a fantastic sandcastle. Good job Steve and Daven!
We saw two jelly fish in the water. One was dead and just floating along, and this red one looked as if it were dying. I didn't think they came this far north. Shows you what I know about jelly fish.
On our little hike to the beach, we spotted a spotted owl. I've never really seen one, so I thought it was pretty cool.
I just love this picture. Afton sure is a great baby! She didn't even cry when Steve held her. :)
We rode the ferry to Vashon Island and it was one of the highlights of the trip. There was a street fair and we walked around for a while, passing little booths as we strolled up the street. I really love street fairs, mostly because they always have live entertainment. There were a few bands and singers that I really liked, and there was even an old man dancing/doing Tai Chi under a tree. I wanted to take a picture of him, but I didn't really think that it would be appropriate. He seemed really into the music.
I officially love Seattle, and I hope that Audrey and Barrett enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed theirs!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wendover and the FUNBUS!

A couple of weeks ago a few friends and I paid $15 to ride the Fun Bus out to Wendover. It's actually a really good deal. You pay the $15, they drive you to Wendover and back, you get a $25 all-you-can-eat buffet, a little coupon book for free drinks and discounts at stores and $5 to gamble. So, if you don't take any more money than the $15, you get a full belly and a few bucks to blow on Black Jack or Craps.

I realized that I really hate gambling. I don't really like spending money or shopping, and just blowing money on a card game was silly to me, but the whole experience was really fun. We also decided to dress up, and when I heard this I thought "I'll go as a cowgirl." Everyone else went in 80's outfits, so we looked pretty silly walking around the casinos. Who am I kidding? All the old people there looked way silly, we fit right in.

So, if you're looking for a cheap date or just something fun to do, hop on the Fun Bus to Wendover. It will be well worth your $15 and 6 hours.