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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Safest Bathroom Ever!

I recently embarked on an adventure that included wheels, a couch, people, and a giant hill...yep you guessed it, we rode the couch down the hill. It was all fun and games until our last run, when we tried to fit as many people as we could on the couch. I chose the front, on the bottom, thinking it would be the safest. Boy was I wrong! Half way down the hill the homemade dolly shattered, causing everyone to catapult forward and land directly on me. My left leg is a gigantic bruise, but it's a great story.

After our grand adventure we went to Filiberto's, a mexican restaraunt where you can play "What's in my meat today?" I made a visit to the restroom to check out the damage from our crash, and felt very secure in this ghetto little restaraunt. Three locks on one door. I've never felt so safe in my life...then I left the bathroom.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Boys and their Pyromania

One very important lesson that I have learned over the years, is that boys like to play with fire. It doesn't matter whether it's an actual fire, fire or relationship fire, or flirtation fire, etc. Someone managed to bring an extra dresser (or they stole it from some homeless guy in the mountains that only had a dresser and a fish-hook to his name) and decided to put it onto the fire. A common equation for boys: Fire+Something to make it Bigger=Happiness.

Now, not only do they have to make the fire bigger, they have to profess their manliness by hitting it with something, physically jumping over it, or seeing who can handle the heat the longest. Do I understand it? No. Do I laugh at it? Yes.


Camping! Camping! Camping!

I don't know about you, but I love camping. I love smelling like campfire and bushes. I love singing and coughing on the smoke. I love squatting 18 times by 17 different trees to relieve myself. The whole experience is just....(sigh)...wonderful!
Jesse Pettit is playing my guitar behind me and it looks like I have a wad of gum in my mouth...but I don't.
Very few people know what this is. It's called a campfire. According to the Merriam-Webster's dictionary it's: "a fire built outdoors (as at a camp or picnic)." Also, few people know that fire has the magical ability to blow smoke in the very direction that you are sitting. No matter how many times you get up to move, it follows you, just like that weird boy at church.
Oh look at me, looking all mildly amused at the fact that I'm taking a picture of myself by a fire. How cute!
Jesse and I. Random pose....
Just finishing up the peach cobbler left-overs from the night before. Yummm!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Updates

I realized that I haven't put too much on here since I started blogging, and thought maybe people would want to know what's going on in my life.

Some of the most exciting new I have is:
  1. I got mooned recently.
  2. I decided to move back to Cedar City this summer.
  3. I had a weird dream last night that made me mad at a few friends of mine.
  4. I have a new obsession with Slushes from Sonic.
  5. My dodgeball team is doing fairly well.
  6. I rented "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

Some people might think that it's sad that my exciting news isn't all that exciting, but sometimes life doesn't hold surprises around every corner. Growing up I always wanted to be older, I always thought that life would be more exciting with age, but unfortunately I have found that it's harder to be surprised. When I was a kid, everything was invigorating and exciting. I always had a new adventure every day. Trials were more of a challenge than a burden. Now, I feel like I have to lower my expectations if I really want to be pleasantly surprised about anything. This comes off as pessismistic, but it's actually the opposite. If I lower my expectations before I go to a movie, I come out thinking "That was what I expected" or "I loved it!" Before, I would go in thinking it would be a great movie and came out mad that I had wasted 9 bucks on a film.

I expressed my new view of life to my sisters and brothers-in-law, and Barrett kindly responded: "Just don't do that when looking for a husband." He made an excellent point. I need to expect more from things that will altogether change my life, and expect less from everyday indulgences.

I hope this doesn't sound like I hate life and I am disappointed all the time. I am actually loving my job, my ward, my family, my friends, and so many other things. Life has been very good to me, and moving to Phoenix has given me a greater appreciation of that. I feel like I've changed for the better down here, and I will continue to grow and change no matter where I live, or how many times I am mooned.