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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween Post....a Little Late

Well, I must admit, this year I celebrated probably the most fun Halloween I've had since I was about 10 years old. I'm sure that Halloween will get more fun with children that I can dress up and make cute costumes for, but for now we get to just have fun with the two of us. I've wanted to dress up as Mario and Luigi for over a year now, and that dream finally came true. Not only did that dream of dressing up as an Italian plumber come true, it was added upon. Our friends, Ryan and Tiffany Scholes dressed up as well. They were Peach and Bowser. Yeah, pretty much we had the most AWESOME costumes EVER!

Yeah I made those hats. :) Tiffany made all of Ryan's costume, her crown and jewelry. She already had the dress and I think that it's pretty cool that she can still fit into a dress she wore in high school.

We volunteered at an elementary school. While we were there, we saw about 3 or 4 Mario's and Luigi's. A couple of kids came to tell me and Cameron, when they saw Ryan and Tiffany leaving, that Bowser had kidnapped Peach and that we were to save her. It was such a fun night, and we almost won some costume contests. I don't want to go into's a sensitive subject.

We also carved some pumpkins and decorated cookies. I discovered that Cameron is quite creative when it comes to icing sugar cookies. Crazy what you learn when you're celebrating Halloween. :) Being married is the absolute best! Everything seems to be more fun and exciting. It's also way cool to dress up together. Who doesn't want a legitimate excuse to do that?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn Song

Here is my latest invention. The recording isn't great, and I don't sound perfect, but I am just happy that I've written a new song. I hope you like it!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Queen Eileen Quote of the Day

Today my dad asked my aunt Eileen if she wouldn't mind giving the prayer. After a little coaxing she agreed to do it, as long as my dad agreed he would help her. Here's how the prayer went:

Dad: "Bless the food."
Eileen: "Bless the food."
Dad: "Bless it to our good."
Eileen: " our good."
Dad: "Help our family to make good choices."
Eileen:" make good choices."
Dad: "Including me (meaning Eileen)."
Eileen: "And Tim too!"

I have to confess, at this point I had my eyes open and I saw Eileen point to my dad. We all started laughing and, of course, Eileen giggled too. The rest of the prayer was rushed because we couldn't stop laughing. Leave it to Eileen to tell us to be good, when we're trying to tell her to be good.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Quick Update

Well, life has been crazy (as usual) for both me and Cameron. This past month has been a busy, but eventful one. We went up to West Point for the 24th of July with Cameron's family. We had a really great time up there! We went rock climbing, shooting, swimming, and a whole bunch of other fun things. We always have fun with his Uncle Russ and Aunt Sarah when we go up there. They have such a great family! I really lucked out with all of my in-laws.

Just last week, Cameron and I went on a quick little getaway to Mesquite. We only went for one night, but we had a blast. It was nice to have a little adventure with just the two of us. We haven't gone on an overnight trip like that since our honeymoon.

I sure am glad I married him! He is so patient and kind. He's hard working and he loves me more than anything! We're coming on 9 months now and I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. It's really neat to see our love evolve and grow. The little trials of marriage can really bring a couple together. I'm glad to say that we still haven't had a full-blown fight, and I'm not so sure that we'll ever have one. Neither of us like confrontation and we'd rather get along than argue. I couldn't ask for a better husband or friend. He makes me strong when I want to be weak and he reminds me constantly of who I should be by being a great example of being diligent, kind, loving, patient, and Christ-like.

Life is beautiful! There are always ups and downs, but all in all the journey is spectacular!

This here is Zeus, Russ and Sarah's new pet horse...I mean St. Bernard. He's HUGE! He's a really sweet dog, with lots and lots of slobber.

Yeah, I didn't hang upside down like this, probably because I value my life.
Work it baby! Work it!

Cameron's dad, Jeff shooting a 22 pistol.

Cameron purchased a new 40-caliber handgun and his Aunt Sarah was a little surprised by the kick.

Good ol' sisterly goofiness. I personally loved my safety goggles.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Idaho? No, U da ho!

Oh Idaho! The land of potato fields, milkshakes, river runs and happiness. Our family went up to Idaho for several days, and what a blast we had! We went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Playmill theater and we were all very impressed with the production they put on. The costumes were impressive and the performers were quite talented. We swam in the beautiful Henry's lake. And we also played many games such as Bohnanza! Qwirkle, Set, and Strip-Bo...I mean Skip-Bo. I love Idaho, and it was really fun to have a companion up there! Cameron and I truly had so much fun and we have all of my family to thank for it! We sure had a great time with everyone! Enough talking, here are the pictures!

The Dav-Man working on Grandpa Jud's truck.
I tried to get him to do a silly pose, but he ended up just doing a crazy dance. I guess that's silly enough.
Barrett's parents have this great pond in their backyard. Cam and Daven took a canoe trip around it, and Daven is quite the canoer...canoist...whatever.

This is Mr. Buffalo just traveling to see Old Faithful.

Old Faithful really is a cool, natural phenomenon. Even though I've seen it quite a few times, I'm always impressed.

We stopped at some hot pots along the way to Old Faithful. They're pretty neat....and stinky!

Many much Moosen in the the wooden!
Barrett brought some guns and we all went shooting in the forest. The weirdest part, I ran into a girl I knew when I lived in Arizona. What a small world and a large forest!
Jen gets so sad when we put her in the stocks.

Oh yeah! That's my hubby!

In case you couldn't tell, Audrey is the one with the hood, Jen is the one awkwardly holding the gun. Te he he!

The trip to Idaho isn't a trip unless we hit up the Aspen Acres Golf Course. It's the most quaint little course and always a blast. It was Cameron's first time golfing and he did remarkably well!
I love my mom even when she's only wearing one earring!

Baby Afton sitting in the grass. This little one is growing so fast and so is her personality. She's a hoot and I love her!