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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Quick Update

Well, life has been crazy (as usual) for both me and Cameron. This past month has been a busy, but eventful one. We went up to West Point for the 24th of July with Cameron's family. We had a really great time up there! We went rock climbing, shooting, swimming, and a whole bunch of other fun things. We always have fun with his Uncle Russ and Aunt Sarah when we go up there. They have such a great family! I really lucked out with all of my in-laws.

Just last week, Cameron and I went on a quick little getaway to Mesquite. We only went for one night, but we had a blast. It was nice to have a little adventure with just the two of us. We haven't gone on an overnight trip like that since our honeymoon.

I sure am glad I married him! He is so patient and kind. He's hard working and he loves me more than anything! We're coming on 9 months now and I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. It's really neat to see our love evolve and grow. The little trials of marriage can really bring a couple together. I'm glad to say that we still haven't had a full-blown fight, and I'm not so sure that we'll ever have one. Neither of us like confrontation and we'd rather get along than argue. I couldn't ask for a better husband or friend. He makes me strong when I want to be weak and he reminds me constantly of who I should be by being a great example of being diligent, kind, loving, patient, and Christ-like.

Life is beautiful! There are always ups and downs, but all in all the journey is spectacular!

This here is Zeus, Russ and Sarah's new pet horse...I mean St. Bernard. He's HUGE! He's a really sweet dog, with lots and lots of slobber.

Yeah, I didn't hang upside down like this, probably because I value my life.
Work it baby! Work it!

Cameron's dad, Jeff shooting a 22 pistol.

Cameron purchased a new 40-caliber handgun and his Aunt Sarah was a little surprised by the kick.

Good ol' sisterly goofiness. I personally loved my safety goggles.


Brianna said...

hooray for the update! You guys are so cute!

Nathan & Kristen said...

SO cute you guys are! Love the pics!! Love your updates! Keep em comin!

The Swank Family said...

love to hear about your adventures! lets still go to the price is right together ok?! i know that was random...but any adventure with you is fun. cameron is a lucky guy!! cute pics too.

Jen and Alec said...

What safety goggles? Great post! I also resent the fact that you made fun of the way I was holding the gun since I am a dang good shot! I hold it in a girly manner to throw people off.

Damitz Family said...

The goggles just suit you so well - they bring out the sparkle in your eyes :)

You all look fantabulous, dahling!

PS, we're coming to visit your folks in two weeks. I hope we get to see you guys too!