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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn Song

Here is my latest invention. The recording isn't great, and I don't sound perfect, but I am just happy that I've written a new song. I hope you like it!


Brianna said...


Carly said...

I love it. It's still making me smile, in fact.

So I'm for real when I say you should come over some time with your guitar and we should sing. Not that I'm anything great or know lots of songs, but I sure love to sing (mucho) and it would be so fun!!

sarahjane_72 said...

I keep listening to this over and over because i miss your singing so much. And i am super happy you wrote a new song too! I think I need to see you soon. When? I dont know.. but soon!

Tiffany Scholes said...

I love love love loveX100 this song! I love it the first time you sang it for me and I love even more as I listen. You're amazing ;-)

Lane, Amanda, and Mason said...

Wow your so talented!! I LOVE IT! MISS u girlie come visit sometime!