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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Safest Bathroom Ever!

I recently embarked on an adventure that included wheels, a couch, people, and a giant hill...yep you guessed it, we rode the couch down the hill. It was all fun and games until our last run, when we tried to fit as many people as we could on the couch. I chose the front, on the bottom, thinking it would be the safest. Boy was I wrong! Half way down the hill the homemade dolly shattered, causing everyone to catapult forward and land directly on me. My left leg is a gigantic bruise, but it's a great story.

After our grand adventure we went to Filiberto's, a mexican restaraunt where you can play "What's in my meat today?" I made a visit to the restroom to check out the damage from our crash, and felt very secure in this ghetto little restaraunt. Three locks on one door. I've never felt so safe in my life...then I left the bathroom.


Jen and Alec said...

Yeah, I saw the evidence. It is really a miracle that any of us survive high school and college.

Jaelyn said...

That is hilarious! WOW! least you one can walk in on you! So...I pretty much found your whole family's blogs and am so excited! It's amazing how many people know eachother! Anyway...come visit my blog...and let me know when you move back so we can play "model shoot" for photography!;)