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Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring is Springing!

I, along with everyone else in Logan, have been complaining about the poor weather. Just two days ago it snowed and covered all of our beautiful green grass with a white blanket of coldness. I figure I can't control the weather, so there really is no point in making a big deal out of it anymore. If it's gonna snow, it's gonna snow so why not enjoy it?

We have had some beautiful days sneaking in every once in a while, and on one of them we (meaning Marisa and I) decided it was time to have a BBQ. So, we called and text all the roomies and some other friends and embarked on a park adventure. It was so nice to be in the sunshine again, even if it was a little chilly still.

They totally weren't posing for this picture......well....kind of.....
Marinda, the light of my life and one of the happiest people I know.
Liz and Marisa....they look like this probably 90% of the time.
It was actually quite remarkable that Tasha ate a hot dog, considering that she hates them.
Chrissy and Tanner playing catch, only appropriate on a beautiful day in the park.
Colby was kind enough to watch the grill and flip the hot dogs with a stick (I forgot a spatula).
I can't remember why Liz posed like this, but I sure like it!
And this picture has nothing to do with the park, some of us just decided to hit up the hot springs a few days earlier. It's really nice to have friends that like to do fun stuff. I'm really lucky to have them!


Super B said...

I like your attitude. For me, though, it is, "it's gonna be hot and humid for a few months, so, I might as well enjoy it" Uggh.
We have been or could have been having bbq's since Feb.

Lizzy said...

oh my.. it just hit my how much i'm going to miss you next year. It really won't be the same