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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Hunter

Cam and I are finally going to have a baby! Baby Hunter is due March 31st and we're completely excited! We are feeling ready to embark on this new adventure! One of the coolest things is that my parents will almost double their total amount of grandchildren within one year. Up until this year, they only had 4 grandkids, but with Audrey having baby Millie in June, Jen being due with her baby in December and me in March, they will go from 4 grandchildren to 7!

Of course, we'll be keeping you updated with all sorts of news, especially when we find out the gender (I'm really thinking that it's going to be a boy, but we'll see).


Carly said...

Hip Hip HOORAY!!! I am so excited for you! Oh make my day. Happy happy happy!!

Hang in there during this first months... my fingers are crossed morning sickness doesn't hit you too hard!

Krista said...

Katie, I am SO EXCITED for you!! And our babies are due a month apart! How cool are we?

barrettandaudrey said...


Sarah Woolley said...

We are soooo excited for you guys! I am just so happy that you will be having a baby! Huge CONGRATULATIONS from the Woolley family! Love you so much Kaie, and hope all is going well for you guys...I guess how could it not be, your gonna have a baby!!!!!

Miles and Randee Wells said...

OMG!!! Congratulations Hunters!!! We are SOOOO happy for you! March is the perfect time to have a baby!!!

The Johnsons said...

So exciting! I know I'm late on commenting and it's kind of irrelevant since we talk at church but I really am so excited for you! You are so adorable :)