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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Good Job Eileen!"

As many of you know, my Aunt Eileen lives with my parents. I recently moved back to Cedar City, and have had the opportunity to spend some time with her. She has always had a habit of internalizing the word "good." If ever we're talking about how the movie was good, or how the food was good, she will always say "Good job Eileen!"

When my Dad was serving as a Bishop of a married student ward, he spoke one time about this habit that Eileen has. He made a wonderful point, and these past few days I have really thought about it. He said that instead of being so pessimistic about ourselves, we need to internalize the word "good." We need to tell ourselves "Good job Katie!" or "Good job _______ (fill in the blank)!" Instead of beating ourselves up about little mistakes we make, we need to remind ourselves that tomorrow is a brand new day, and that we can continually try to change and become more like our Father in Heaven.

So, the next time I'm feeling down on myself I'm going to say "You're doing good Katie!" I think that by doing so, I can be a happier person and have a more optimistic perspective on life. Feel free to join me in the "Good Job!" movement. :)


MIUMIU said...

Nice to meet you. Great blog!
Please link to this site.

barrettandaudrey said...

Those are words to live by. I tell myself I'm awesome every day. Really, really, awesome.

I also like to remind myself that I'm better than others. I'm better than Jen. I'm better than Steve. I'm better than you.

Pretty much just better.

rachel mccracken said...

I think YOU are awesome!!! It was fun to get to spend the morning with you! Be sure to let us know when you are in town!

Jen and Alec said...

I can't believe Audrey would say that. It doesn't seem like her. How rude!

Bry & Rach said...

I think we would all do well to learn from Eileen. I'm glad to see that Audrey isn't better than me though. :-)

jrnelson said...

Katie, I had to get updated on you. I didn't know that you moved back to Cedar, what made you decide that? I bet Jenny and Alec were sad to see you go and now with Audrey possibly moving up to Idaho...Jen and Alec are going to be really lonely even if Audrey thinks she is cooler than everyone! :) By the way, I LOVE your hair, you look so grown up. Not that you aren't but the look suits you! Can't wait to see you guys at the reunion.