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Friday, February 27, 2009

President's Day Weekend

A bunch of friends and I went down to Cedar City for President's day weekend. We went hiking at Zion National Park, visited the St. George temple, and ate at In-N-Out. We also celebrated Valentine's day and gave each other Valentines. It was such a good weekend! Being in the sunshine did make me a little excited for spring and summer. Logan isn't as cold as everyone told me it would be, but a little green and sunshine could do me good I think. :) Here are some pics from the weekend.
I love the St. George temple. I think I always took it for granted when I was younger, but I really do think it is a beautiful temple.
Katie Elizabeth Hawkes...always keeping me on my toes.
We had to do a classic/modern staircase picture...I mean who wouldn't?
I thought that the green trees scattered amongst the red mountains and snow was so beautiful. I've never been to ZNP in the winter...funny how I lived only 45 minutes away my whole life!
Kelsey...I just love this girl!!!
Lauralee is kicking the mountain...who needs Chuck Norris when you have her?
Um yeah...Jared is sitting on the edge of a 150 ft. cliff. Of course I was comfortable letting him do that!
Some nice woman eating an apple took this for us. It's the only picture we have with everyone in it.
We almost slid off the mountain hiking to this specific spot...hence me holding on for dear life.
Marisa is hugging the mountain...she's such a hippie!!!
Trying to take a candid picture...yeah we're all genuinely laughing...well genuinely forcing our laughter.
Katie and Marisa two of the cutest girls.
I thought this was a cool shot...boy do I have an eye for photography! :)
I was actually trying to do a toe-touch, but it just looks like I'm riding an invisible bull.

Hooray for Zion!!!

1 comment:

katielizabethawkes said...

haha. invisible bull.
And in the picture where you called me "cute" my left eyelid is quite droopy. I laughed because i look "cute" in a drunkish way. It's all in the eye of the beholder, right? I'm glad you be-held me :)

This whole blog in general made me quite happy. I vote, next roadtrip ASAP. Arizona? California? Um...Hawaii?

Today's word: Rater. What? a real word? Yes, Katie, a real word. Like the person who rates movies and such. A rater. Unless you pronounce it rat-er. Then it is a person who catches rats, and its status as a real word just became dubious at best.