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Monday, February 2, 2009


Okay, okay! I know I'm in college and that I'm supposed to be acting like an adult, but sometimes I like to remember what it is like to be silly. One of my friends showed me how to take crazy pictures last summer, and I asked if any of my friends had heard of it. My good friend Katie Hawkes informed me that it's called "Jowling." Basically you shake your head back and forth really fast, while relaxing your face muscles then take a picture. If you do it right it looks like someone just punched you, or in my case, like you're retaining water in your face. I hope that my friends don't hate me forever for posting these. :)

This is Marisa Johnson...more flattering pictures of her soon to come.
This is Lauralee, Katie Hawkes roommate. She did a fantastic job, if I do say so myself.
I know....nothing really to say about this one.
The beautiful Katie Hawkes trying her best to relax her face. She tried so hard so I'm giving her an A for effort.
I hope you're not too grossed out, but I just laugh so hard every time that I look at them that I couldn't help sharing them with you. Also...I want you all to notice that I've updated my blog twice in the past week! That's right! Thank you all for looking and commenting! It always makes my day.


Suzanne Wood said...

Hysterical my friend! Hysterical...tell those girls they really need to find some different boyfriends who don't beat them up. ;)

barrettandaudrey said...

I am so glad you updated, I miss you so much and seeing your "jowling" makes me feel closer to you somehow. :) Have a great day, LOVE YA

Ben and Anna Bigelow said...

HAHAHAHA!! Every must have pictures like that. I absolutely love it.

Super B said...

Here is to making your day...
AND, here's to making MINE!! Those pics are hilarious!! :)

katielizabethawkes said...

Oh MY....yes yes. So excellent.

I'm still disappointed that I lack the ability to relax my face enough to do this. You guys are my heroes forever.

And yes, I laughed out loud in the library when I saw these again. Even funnier for the second viewing.

I anticipate certain "videos" in the near future....

Jen and Alec said...

Tee Hee Hee. I think I wet myself a little bit. We'll have to try that--and never post it.