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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Me and My Friend

Numero 8 for the NYR.

This song I wrote when I was in Phoenix in 2008. I love this song because I wasn't dating anyone at the time and I wrote what I hoped my love life would be like when I found the right one. This song definitely fits mine and Cam's relationship. It really does feel like it's perpetually spring.


It is perpetually spring
The trees are in bloom
I lay on his chest all afternoon

We watch as the clouds puff on by
In the bluebird sky
I see a kite soaring high

The wind does a waltz with the grass
We find time to pass
I'm in his arms at last

I know that this dream will not end
As long as my friend
Has a heart and a hand to lend


Tiffany Scholes said...

I love this song and I love that you play it with the piano. You are neat. p.s. My mom wanted to hear 5 more minutes of the song.

Jen and Alec said...

I remember when you wrote that song! It's a great one!