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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Everything I Wanted

Sorry I missed last week. I was sick and was waiting to get my voice back. Because I did miss I will be posting two videos this week to make up for it.

This first one is another one that I wrote when I was living in Arizona. I was in a relationship with a nice guy, but I found that things just weren't working the way I had hoped. Long story short I'm married to an amazing man and I got a great song out of it.

I really like the lyrics to this song and I hope you do too.


When I'm with you I'm breathing without air
I'm gazing at you without the stare
Feel like a ship without a harbor
Is this too much too fast?

When I talk to you I'm frozen without ice
I take a double take without looking twice
Feel like a door without a handle
Could you get a handle on me?

'Cuz you are everything I wanted
You are all that I could see
You are everything I needed
So what's wrong with me?

With your arms around me I'm singing without sound
I'm falling backward without hitting the ground
Feel like a storm without the thunder
I'm floating on top but sinking under

'Cuz you are everything I wanted
You are all that I could see
You are everything I needed
So what's wrong with me?

A sunny day without the sunshine
A clear night with no stars
A letter without writing
An "us" that isn't "ours"
I'm tangled in confusion
I'm dancing with my dreams
Sometimes the thing you wanted
Isn't what it seems

As I walk away my heart beats without a care
My back is burning from the warmth of your stare
My opportunities are knocking
Goodbye my love

'Cuz you were everything I wanted
You were all that I could see
You were everything I needed
And that's enough for me


Tiffany Scholes said...

I so glad you are feel better to post songs! I really loved this song! And your voice sounds amazing! I could listen to you all day...

Karrilyn said...

Very cute blog Katie I am gald I found it you are welcome to look at mine
I plan to keep fllowing your blog.
Thanks Karrilyn Glad

Kendra Haynie said...

I wish I was not as obsessed with you as I is getting a little out of hand. You seriously are the most amazing thing of my whole life. I love you and I love your voice and... well probably a lot of other things, but I do not want to write a novel comment!